Duluth Broken Garage Door Troubleshooting Help

Not all garage door issues require a professional garage door service. Sometimes with a bit of coaching, you can solve your garage door issue on your own. We at Legacy Garage Doors offer you the following troubleshooting tips to help you determine when and if you need a professional garage door technician to fix your garage door problem.

Garage doors are complex with many moving parts, so inevitably, there will be times when your garage door needs some adjusting or repair or you may need your openers serviced. You don’t want to wait until your garage door completely stops working before seeing if it needs repairs because as one part wears out, it imposes on other parts, leaving you with more damage than necessary. By keeping an eye out for garage door mishaps, you may be able to avoid costly repairs.

1. Notice how much noise your garage door makes. Even the quietest of garage door systems make a bit of noise. What you want to be aware of is when your garage door noise gets louder and louder. When you hear grinding, scraping or thumping, take time to find the source of the noise. If you have a worn part, have it replaced promptly. Try lubricating non-worn parts with a Teflon or graphite-based penetrating spray lubricant.

2. If your garage door bounces around or isn’t running up and down smoothly, check out the trolley system. Make sure your trolley is engaged correctly and that the emergency release mechanism doesn’t need to be reset. And if your motor isn’t turning on, unplug your unit for approximately 30 seconds to see if that solves the problem.

3. If your remote isn’t transmitting but you can operate your garage door from the keypad, you probably need new batteries for the remote. Replace the batteries and check the battery terminals to make sure they are positioned correctly. Sometimes replacing the battery may require you reprogramming your remotes. Consult your opener owner’s manual for instructions on how to program your remotes.

4. If your garage door mysteriously stops running up and down, check the safety eyes located at the base of your doors on each side of your garage. These safety eyes may need cleaning or repositioning. Just make sure you don’t adjust them too much.

If troubleshooting your garage door issue doesn’t solve the problem, contact Legacy Garage Doors at (770) 884-7167 or contact our Duluth Broken Garage Door Troubleshooting Help Company and we’ll send out one of our knowledgeable professional garage door technicians to assist you.

Broken Garage Door Troubleshooting Help
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